Pitman / Paddy Mac

The Pitman mineral tenures are located west of the Skeena River in northwestern British Columbia and about 25 km North of Terrace. The total area of Pitman property is 5505 hectares in seven tenures.

Pitman property includes the following targets from the north towards the north;

  1. Gold Dome:
    • Commodity: Gold
    • Prospect dimension; Unknown
    • Stage: Showing.
  2. Golden Dragon (GD): 2018 Discovery
    • Commodity: High-grade Gold – Silver – Copper
    • Prospect dimension: Actual dimension is unknown, 550m (W) x ~500m? (L) x (Thickness unknown)
    • Stage: Drill ready prospect that includes several veining systems of Gold, Silver, and Copper.
  3. Dragon Tale (DT): 2018 Discovery
    1. Commodity: High-grade Silver, Copper, Zinc, Lead of Sedimentary setting of Bowser Lake adjacent to Hazelton formation
    2. Prospect dimension: 1.7km x 1 km, includes 320m (W) x 200m (L) x ~>100m (thickness exposed in creeks) outcrops
  4. Pitman:
    • Commodity: Moly-Copper-Silver
    • Stage:  Drilled developed prospect (historical)

Golden Dragon Discovery was identified by prospecting around the high-grade gold veins of the Paddy-Mac showing. This system now includes several high-grade gold, silver, and copper veins sampled in 2018 and some yet to be explored like Lucky Zone. Some of the assay results reported are as followings;

Pitman : Dragon Tale (“DT”)

This location was sampled by CASA’s exploration team in 2018 for the first time. The high-grade continuous outcrops were sampled and the 2018 work program uncovered 320m x 200m area of a sedimentary polymetallic copper-silver-zinc-lead horizon. Subsequently, a VTEM Airborne followed to better identify the subsurface signatures of this location.