The Pitman group of mineral tenures, located northeast and east of Terrace, B. C., comprises eight non-contiguous mineral tenures with total area 7083.36 hectares. The Pitman property lies near the east side of the Coast Mountains at the transition from the Coast Crystalline Intrusions (historically aka the “Coast Batholith”) to the Intermontane physiographic province.

Rock formations include granitic intrusions in contact with volcaniclastic and metasedimentary formations of Mesozoic age. In contact areas the latter is strong to moderate metamorphosed to schists and slates; thin glacial till deposits occur on mountain slopes. There are few bedrock exposures at lower elevations due to glacial tills and forest cover but at higher elevations, outcrops are much more abundant. Most streams are deeply incised into the mountainous terrain and glaciers that occupy parts of the tenures are observed to be rapidly ablating. Mineral occurrences include quartz veins with gold values and areas of disseminated mixed sulphides, principally pyrite, chalcopyrite and/or molybdenite, with erratic but significant gold and silver values. The mineral tenures cover several historic exploration properties that are prospective for, variously, molybdenum, gold, silver and copper deposits but due to the limited extent of past exploration work, must be considered to be “early stage” prospects. There are no mineral reserves or mineral resources on any part of the Pitman mineral tenures.